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Gas harmonisation work pilot project in the EU (with 5 countries)

You can now follow the work progress directly here:

You can now follow the work progress directly here:


The Gas Quality Harmonisation Implementation Pilot is a project proposed by MARCOGAZ (Technical association of the European gas industry) and EASEE-GAS (European Association for the streamling of Energy Exchange) which objective is to provide practical learning’s and solutions for implementation issues which are expected to occur when harmonization of gas quality within the EU is to be introduced upon completion of the work currently being done by the CEN 234 working group 11. This pilot project is being conducted on the initiative of the EU and with full support of the Madrid Forum. A successful pilot will result in 5 aligned implementation plans, one per participating country.


The project is to be carried out by national bodies of the participating countries Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Denmark who will be supported by a Coordination Group which will facilitate the information exchange between these national bodies and will be able to provide input to these national bodies.


In this Coordination Group these national bodies will be represented as well as Marcogaz, EASEE-gas, Acer, ENTSOG and CEN.


The project is to determine what issues need to be overcome in order to change to a uniform Wobbe index specification with a range of 46-54 MJ/m3(15°C, 15°C) or 13,47 – 15,81 kWh/m3 (25°C, 0°C). Please note this range has not been established, as this is the responsibility of CEN234 WG11. The pilot will work on the basis of this range which is based on the EASEE-gas CBP and subsequent work of CEN BT WG 197.


These countries are invited to participate in this pilot as they are likely to be impacted by harmonization soon, have experience with natural gases at the extremes of this range or have recent practical experience with harmonization issues. Four of them have already declared Wobbe index ranges close to the one to be studied.


The results of the pilot will be fed in the CEN standardisation process in TC234 WG11. Furthermore the results will be made available, via this website, to all relevant stakeholders in all EU countries in order to provide all these stakeholders with the methods, learnings, documentation and solutions resulting from this pilot and which all these stakeholders can use to prepare for the implementation of the CEN standard on gas quality.